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What is Nerivio?

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Nerivio is an FDA-cleared, drug-free therapy for acute and preventive treatment of episodic and chronic migraine with or without aura, in patients age 12 and up.

Is Nerivio right for me?

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Nerivio is indicated for acute and/or preventive treatment of migraine with or without aura in patients 12 years of age or older. It is a prescription use, self-administered device for use in the home environment at the onset of migraine headache or aura for acute treatment, or every other day for preventive treatment.


Nerivio should not be used by people with uncontrolled epilepsy, an active implantable medical device, such as a pacemaker, hearing aid implant, or any implanted electronic device. Such use could cause electric shock, electrical interference or serious injuries or medical conditions.


Nerivio has not been evaluated in people with congestive heart failure (CHF), severe cardiac or cerebrovascular disease, pregnancy, or in children under the age of 12. Nerivio should only be applied on the upper arm over dry, healthy skin with normal physical sensation and without any metallic implants or in proximity to cancerous lesions.

Learn More

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Learn more about Nerivio at nerivio.com


How do I get started with a telemedicine online consultation?

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  1. Register – Set up an account by providing your name, email, and password.
  2. Complete medical questionnaire – Answer a few medical questions that will be reviewed by a healthcare provider.
  3. Pay for your provider review – Finish checking out and provide payment information.
  4. Connect with a provider – Conduct a telehealth consultation from the comfort of your home to find out if Nerivio is right for you.

How does the online consultation process work?

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After registering, you will be asked to complete an online medical assessment to provide more information about your medical history, medical conditions, and any medications you are currently taking.


Next, one of our healthcare providers will conduct a video, audio, or digital telehealth consultation. He or she will review the medical information you provide to determine whether a prescription is appropriate for you.


If approved, your prescription will be sent to a specialty pharmacy for review. If necessary, the pharmacist will contact you before dispensing your device. Otherwise, your order will be packaged and shipped directly to you.

What are the different types of consultations?

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All states require some interaction between a healthcare provider and patient in order to prescribe a medication, however regulations governing the type of interaction or consultation differ from state to state. Depending on the state where we are shipping your medication, you will be required to have one of three types of consultations: audio, video or digital consultation.


In all cases, the process is simple and easy to follow. Once a prescription is approved, we process payment and your medication will be safely and discreetly shipped to you.

Video & Audio Consultations

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If your state requires a telehealth video or audio consultation, you will be directed to schedule a visit by choosing from a list of healthcare providers who are licensed in your state. 


You will receive an email with a link to join the telehealth visit. At the scheduled time, click on the link directly in the email or log in to your account and click “Start Visit”. Once you have logged in, you will be in the waiting room until the scheduled start time. The provider will review the medical information you provided, verify important medical information, and address any specific questions you may have.


If you need to reschedule, you can do so in your account by clicking “Reschedule” to select a different date and time. If you have any questions or issues, please contact us.


Note: If your state requires a video or audio consultation, you must complete it for your prescription to be processed.

Digital Asynchronous Consultations

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If your state requires a digital consultation, you’re able to interact with one of our licensed healthcare providers without an audio or video interaction. If you are in a state that allows for this type of interaction, you will be asked to answer a number of questions about your medical history online and a healthcare provider licensed in your state will review your responses to determine whether or not a prescription is appropriate for you.


After completing checkout, you will be directed to select a provider from the available list to review your information. Our providers generally review your medical file within 24 hours. If necessary, they will follow up by email or phone to determine if a prescription is right for you.

What web browser should I use?

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Your visit with a provider happens in a web browser. For the best experience possible, we recommend using the following browsers.

  • MAC OS: Safari is recommended, Chrome and Firefox are also supported
  • iOS: Safari is the only browser supported
  • WINDOWS: Chrome is recommended, Firefox and Edge are also supported
  • ANDROID: Chrome is recommended, Firefox is also supported

Troubleshooting Camera & Microphone Permissions

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If you are trying to start a visit and you receive a notification that your camera and/or microphone are being blocked, here are some instructions for allowing or permitting the needed device settings. 



Safari is recommended

  • Upper-left top menu > Safari > Preferences > Websites tab
  • In the left pane, select Camera, then in the right pane, find this site, set to ‘Ask’ or ‘Allow’
  • In the left pane, select Microphone, then in the right pane, find this site, set to ‘Ask’ or ‘Allow’
  • Close the Preferences panel to save changes. 


  • Upper-left top menu > Chrome > Preferences > Privacy and Security > Site Settings > select this site
  • Camera: ‘Ask’ or ‘Allow’
  • Microphone: ‘Ask’ or ‘Allow’


  • Menu icon in upper right of window > Preferences > Privacy and Security > Permissions…
  • Camera: open dialog, find this website, ‘Allow’
  • Microphone: open dialog, find this website, ‘Allow’



Safari is the only browser supported on iOS

  • Settings App > Safari > scroll down to ‘Settings for Websites’…
  • Camera: ‘Ask’ or ‘Allow’
  • Microphone: ‘Ask’ or ‘Allow’



Chrome is recommended

  • Stacked dots menu in upper right > Settings > Advanced > Content Settings…
  • Camera: ‘Ask before accessing’
  • Microphone: ‘Ask before accessing’


  • Gear in the upper right of window > Privacy and Security > Permissions…
  • Camera: open dialog, find this website, ‘Allow’
  • Microphone: open dialog, find this website, ‘Allow’



Chrome is recommended

  • Stacked dots menu icon > Settings > Site Settings… 
  • Camera: ‘Ask first’
  • Microphone: ‘Ask first’


  • Settings App > Apps and App Permissions > Firefox > Permissions
  • Toggle on Camera and Microphone
  • Restart Firefox


What form of payment can I use?

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We accept credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, and flexible spending account (FSA) cards.

What will display on my credit card statement?

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GetNerivio.com will show on your credit card statement. If you have any questions please call (877) 370-0027.

Can I use health insurance for the healthcare provider consultation and prescription review?

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No. At this time we require payment at the time of service. Forms of acceptable payment are listed in the answer above.

Is there a processing or consultation fee?

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There is a $45 fee for the healthcare provider consultation and prescription review.

Do you accept Flex Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) cards?

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Yes, we are registered as a SIGIS member for the 90% Rule. We accept FSA and HSA cards as forms of payment.


Where is Nerivio telemedicine consultation available?

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Nerivio telemedicine consultation is available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Medical complaints

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File a complaint with Utah DOPL: Here

File a complaint with Iowa medical board: Here

File a complaint with Kentucky medical board: Here

File a complaint with Maine medical board: Here

File a complaint with Maryland medical board: Here

File a complaint with Rhode Island medical board: Here

File a complaint with Texas medical board: Here

File a complaint with Vermont medical board: Here

In the event of an emergency

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In case of a medical emergency, please contact your local physician or hospital for immediate care. Do not rely on your online healthcare provider for emergency medical care.

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